Job Description

This was the piece I submitted for my “Position” project. My artist statement is below.


“The position I chose for my project was Discrimination within LGBTQ community, for decades the community at large has struggled to find acceptance and legitimacy with the rest of the world, constantly being shunned and ignored. But within the community itself, it suffers from discrimination of a different kind, where people and being discriminated because of their body type, the way the present themselves and race. It has come to the point where if you don’t fit into a stereotypical, white, masculine mold of the “ideal” gay man, that it somehow makes you less of a person and not worthy to be seen or heard. I researched on “no fats, no fems” and how it has been handled in social media and in documentaries, I then decided to interpret my position using an enlarged comic strip. By depicting the “Idealized” gay man on his dating profile discriminating his likes in the guise of preference rather than racism. Completely disregarding other men in search of someone who fits into that specific mold. I decided to illustrate the strip digitally, to keep the frames of the strip uniform, and have the characters interact in a fluid way. I printed the illustrations on large Bristol board and painted each panel in acrylic paint, reinforcing the black lines with ink. I wanted the final panel to have a true painterly feel and finished it off with red acrylic paint using a wide brush.”