Job Description

I submitted this for my “Meaning” project that was exhibited at the White Walls Gallery at The Corcoran School of Art and Design, part of George Washington University, where I study Fine Arts. Below is my artist statement.


“I wanted to explore the meaning of romantic love as I have personally experienced it through the LGBT community. I wanted to show in my work that love between two individuals should not be restricted to just male and female. I further wanted to investigate the importance of diversity within the community itself when it comes to interracial relationships. I researched different images of love as seen through a visual perspective and chose to use men and women kissing in a loving embrace. I illustrated the images in pencil and created digital versions of each one. To further show the aspect of racial diversity I took the images and digitally colored each figure having a different skin-tone. I created a series of twelve prints resulting in a total of twenty-four skin-tones. I chose to use body images that I felt were more aesthetically pleasing in order to show the viewer that despite the traditionally accepted image of romantic love, gay love can also be a thing of beauty. Obstructing the faces of the subjects and including the uncolored version in the installation also allows the viewer to see that love transcends race and leaves them with the ability to place themselves in the piece, making it a personal experience for them as well.”